Media Format Descriptions

Need help loading files into iTunes?

Format Delivered Key Features
AudioPoint Download**
Hear the presenter with the synced visuals
Start and stop and always remembers where your place
Best viewed on iPad or other mobile device
AudioPoint DVD-ROM (ship) Hear the presenter with the synced visuals
Best Viewed on Computer
Audio MP3 Download**
Hear the presenter
Play on CD Players most new cars, or computer
Easily burn audio CDs in iTunes
iPod Play on iPod or iTunes

**Downloads available with All Access Packages, Works Packages and individual sessions

Visual Formats

AudioPoint  Download: High-quality camera-operated digital video recordings capturing the presenter and all of the reference materials in MP4 format. Formatted for your iPod or iPad or other mobile devices.

AudioPoint DVD ROM: High-quality camera-operated digital video recordings capturing the presenter and all of the reference materials in DVD format. Computer must have a DVD drive to play Video DVDs. Specifically formatted for your computer's browser.

Audio Formats

Audio MP3: MP3 audio files collected on a single CD, playable on an MP3 CD player. MP3 files can also be stored on, and played from, your computers hard-drive. 1 CD can hold approximately 15-18 1 1/2 hour sessions, captured at 64 bit rate. Once on your computer's hard drive, these MP3 files can be transferred to an iPod (or similar device).

Delivery Formats

Streaming On Demand: All sessions are specifically designed to be streamed to your computer's browser on demand. 

Download: All MP3 and MP4 download files are designed to work with any computer. Its key feature is that it allows you to start listening to a program on your computer or mobilde device.

Download time depends on connection speed. All MP3 download files are also designed to work with any MP3 player, computer media player and some car stereos.

System requirements for viewing

PC-based attendees
Required: Windows®7 or newer, Flash Player 10 or newer, Windows Media Player 11 or newer, any browser

Macintosh®-based attendees
Required: Mac OS® X 10.4 (Tiger®) or newer, Flash Player 9 or newer, Quick Time 7.6 or newer, any browser

For Technical Support please contact Playback Now at 800.241.7785 ext 1206

Instructions for loading files to iPod/iPad

iTunes Version 11 - Tip to see Menu Bar and Libraries
Step 1: Click on black & white icon in the Upper Left corner of iTunes > Click Show Menu Bar (Ctrl+B)
Step 2: In Menu Bar Click View > Click Show Side Bar (Ctrl+S)

STEP 1. Copy files into iTunes Library
File > Add File to Library file

STEP 2. In the window, locate your files, select all the files you would like to add - Click "Open" Add File

STEP 3. You should see your files being copied File Copying

STEP 4. Connect your iPad/iPod - You will see it listed under your devices connect iPad

STEP 5. Sync your iPad/iPod/iPhone - Set your Sync options to include Music and/or Movies

A. Check Box next to Sync Music and Sync Movies Sync

B. Click Sync Sync Button

C. You should see your device syncing Syncing


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