Premiere Access FAQ's

How do I qualify for the Premiere Access downloads or streaming?
All Premier Access pass registrants automatically qualify to activate complimentary access.
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What will I receive?
You will receive a unique code that, once activated, allows you to unlimited online access to either download or stream session recordings on-demand through November 1, 2014. Future access will require your email address and the password received in your email. Over 90 conference programs in all will be available to you.
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When will I receive activation instructions for online access?
NEW THIS YEAR! Qualified registrants will receive a ticket with your name badge. Two activation options will be listed on the ticket. Choose the option that best fits your schedule.
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What if I misplace my activation ticket?
If you have your registration confirmation number, call Playback Now at 800-241-7785, ext. 1206 to provide your email address so we can send the activation information. Otherwise, email
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Will session handouts be included?
If speakers give permission, some handouts will be available in a .PDF format. Some session recordings will also include the PowerPoint® slides recorded in sync with the audio recording
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What do I need to do to download the program recordings?
Click on the “Download” button of the session you would like to download. You will be prompted to save the file to the location of your choice. The format for Audio files will be MP3. The format for AudioPoint™ files will be MP4.
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Will I need to download all the sessions right away?
No, think of your Premiere Access as an annual subscription. Your activated access code will be valid until November 1, 2014, so you have the option to download or stream the sessions according to your business needs. NOTE: Several sessions are only available to Premier Access pass registrants to stream on demand.
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How do I know which programs are being recorded?
A: The following materials will indicate which sessions are being recorded: the conference guide, schedule-at-a-glance/notepad and the session room signs. You can also check out the Playback Now flyer in your conference tote bag and the list on the website,, and search by topic, presenter or keyword.
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What if I didn’t register for the Premier Access pass?
You have three options: You can upgrade your registration category in NAR Registration, which gives you the option to attend sessions onsite as well as receive the complimentary access activation. You can purchase the conference recordings package at the Playback Now kiosk located on the Moscone Center Concourse. You can to purchase a conference recordings package anytime after the event on our website
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What if I prefer to have hard copy CDs or DVD-ROMs instead of downloads?
Traditional hard copy CDs and DVDs are available for purchase for all recorded programs at, or by calling Playback Now at 1-800-241-7785.
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Who do I thank for making the free audio downloads possible?
Bank of America: Booth (#5944) is the proud sponsor of education session audio recordings at no additional cost for Premier Access registrants.
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